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Trial By Fire Games offers two ways to battle the long history of human warfare. Using the Tactical Skirmish warfare system, you can re-fight the house to house struggles of modern warfare, or the brutal sieges of the Middle Ages: savage, short ranged battles where an individual’s fate hangs in the time between the crack of a gunshot and the whine of a ricochet. Or, using the Heroic Saga rules of Ragnarok, story-based scenarios that emphasize the heroes of Norse myth come to life in the brutally stark world of the old Gods where the life of a hero and his stalwart thanes could be measured on the tip of a spear.


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Current Games


Heroic saga featuring the 'Doom of the Gods,' the end of the cosmos in Norse mythology. Learn More.


Zombies, post-apocalyptic death races, and road warriors. Coming Soon.


Tactical skirmishes set in modern warfare scenarios. Coming Soon.

Recent Play Tests

November 2009

War against the zombies.


August 2009

Roman Assault on Gallic Hill Fort


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