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Here’s a new project: Super Mutants! I wanted to start putting on some Fallout 3 inspired scenarios and all my post-apocalyptic figs are in 20mm. What to do? I used 28mm orc figs from the bits bin at Game Empire, modified them with random wheels and model scraps as shields and weapons, then added goggles using green stuff, and cut off heads from plastic zombies from the ZOMBIES game (the female zed holding a man’s head is particularly useful, as the single fig has two heads) to glue on as trophies to their belts. I also added random weapons, some 20mm scale, to add to the illusion that they belong next to the 20mm figs, and are big brutes.

For the fig in the back holding a whip, I used shipping wire that I still have scraps of from 20 years ago when my friend Rene scored this stuff from where he worked. It makes great barbed wire, and here makes for a pretty good “shock whip”. I intend to use him as the Super Mutant Behemoth wrangler (sort of like a commissar, but inflicts pain to direct the Behemoth).

Speaking of the Behemoths, since I used two of the same fig (why make one when two are just as easy?!) I really wanted to make them unique looking. Green stuff was great for that, giving one brute a mohawk, while the other has lost an eye (but its on his shield side, so he should be useful still). I used the packing wire as strapping, and the HO scale diamond plate makes a great greave and shoulder paldron for our post-apocalyptic abomination. Since I couldn’t find a scale door to use as a shield (as in the game), I found an old roco 1/87 scale flat faced truck and took the front off. This pic is a bad angle, but it’s pretty close to car door.

The final step is in the painting. Here’s a pic of the first batch. I figured that the best way to make all the diverse figures look like they belong together as a group was to match their painting schemes as closely as possible. I took pix from Fallout 3 and the super mutants are pretty uniformly equipped in gunmetal and black, while their skin is a hard to match greenish-yellow with blood-like blotches. I also added a layer of rust as a wash to make their gear look unmaintained. Note the two figs in the back of this last picture, I used zombie dogs from the ZOMBIES game, cutting off their heads down to their tails to make these feral-dog pelts for the mutants to wear. That’s not in the game, but I thought it looked cool.

This project has been a real hoot, and I’ve enjoyed the process of finding scrap figs to use, then adding random bits to make each mutant unique. They make a good presence on the table top and in our one playtest last week (Nov 2010 — see photos in the link from the website) they did a real number on the Outcast Brotherhood in their combat and power armor. More on them later… ;)