This is a project I’m doing for my buddy John, creator of Liberators! and Grenadier Productions miniatures. We’re planning on attending Cold Wars this year (2011) and putting on a battle using these new figs.

As a quick review for Grenadier Productions, these are really nice miniatures. I haven’t painted 15mm figs in years, but have collected hundreds of Napoleonics from old school Minifigs, to Battle Honors and Frei corp (SYW mostly). Anyhow, these figures are beautifully sculpted with perfect proportions. They paint up really nicely and have all kinds of great touches of detail, such as bare legs with sandals, straw hats and peasant troops  with spears! The Llanero lancer cavalry is particularly nice (but I haven’t painted them up yet).

These fellows with the green jackets are the Irish Legion. Again great figs, with covered shakos and short jackets like very late period French Napoleonics.

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