Here are some pix of the completed war machines. As you can see I painted them with a bronze base metallic, then dry-brushed gold to highlight the rivets and legs. I finished them with a glossy lacquer to make them look more like metal than wood, but they sort of look too clean now. I’m considered applying a greenish stain to some areas to make the bronze look more aged.

I based them using red aquarium rocks over reddish-brown thick grade sand to give the bases a Martian landscape look. I intend to build terrain pieces to match this look in case anyone is foolish enough to invade a conquered world of the Trigon Triarchy in the Alien Squad Leader campaign. As of last week we are 1-0 against an Alien Imperial army (he brought too many melee troops and my wide beams did a number on his closely grouped troops… I imagine I won’t get that lucky again).

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