Shanties courtesy of Starbucks heat-sleeves. Note the corrugated metal look of the cardboard. Perfect 20mm scale.

Here are three Shanties ready for painting, with a car “hangar” to the left. You can clearly see the Smarty/ Candy Necklaces in their native state: they look like Cheerios which I didn’t use b/c they are even more brittle and designed to be absorbent for milk, which I thought would be a pain to paint!

I cut a pattern to form the four walls from one piece with slanted roofs, which I glued on last. These designs were invented by my friend Rene, who is also the one who discovered the Starbucks coffee holders. While he used a Hotglue gun to make his, I used basic white glue, which required me to use clamps while they set, and to make them in an “assembly line” fashion to allow the glue to dry. I generally avoid using a Hot Glue gun simply b/c they are so messy with glue strings everywhere, but both glues are useful for filling gaps between the cardboard seams (although drafty shanties should be de rigour, and are easier to build too).

You can see the Emory board in the background where I used  it to sand the Candy Necklaces flat. The candy dust got everywhere and lent a vague tart-sugary taste to the air. You can also see the Kleenex tarps hanging from the buildings, stiffened with watered down white glue (I believe I’ve already discussed the process of this in an earlier post). The extra bits in the hanger are tank bogies from 1/72nd scale models, which look sort of like Hub caps (also from Rene’s creative brain).

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