Maximum Force Patrol

Here’s a sample of some of the figs I’m going to use for the Road Warrior game. These guys are really well armed, of course, but that’s b/c they’re from GWs ancient Dark Future game system. So I’m going to make them a gang called “Wheels of Justice”, self appointed vigilantes that bring law & order to their stretch of the road.

I based their uniforms on a combination of Pennsylvania and New Jersey state troopers. Great looking neo-fascist unis with a broad yellow stripe down the pant-leg. I made their badges Brass rather than silver so they pop more. The pair of Detectives in trench coats to the right are from Stan Johanson minis, so you can see they are pretty close to the same 20mm scale as the GW figs. The patrol car is a converted Hotwheels with a machine gun on the roof, and smoke-screen pipes down each side of the car. There’s also an armored plate over the rear window with bullet holes in it. The red dragster to the left is meant to go with the wasteland clans.

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