Lean-to under construction

This is a lean-to I partially finished on a 3″ oval base, then painted before adding the corrugation and kleenex “tarps”. I added it after painting to simplify painting the interior (which I don’t normally do) and I liked the result. Now I just have to be careful not to paint over the original parts. You can see how the kleenex looks while wet in this picture, as I had just applied the watered down glue.

The barrels and boxes hiding in the shadows are by Model Scenics (I believe). They supply HO scale model railroading background bits that I really like to incorporate. They have great “trackside rubbish” and “junkyard scraps” that I’ve used in the past when modeling factory buildings for Stalingrad, and it seems they’d be ideal for the current Road Warrior project (that was more a ‘note to self’ reminder ;)

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