Shanty Town

This picture shows more of the Shanty buildings mostly painted, and the variety you can get out of mixing up the colors for the pieces of “corrugated metal scrap”. I see in this picture that I forgot to add in my earlier post that a fourth color I used to paint the shanties was a light gray, sort of a primer gray.

Also, for the tarps I have a mixture of basic brown (tan with a dark brown wash) for dirty blankets, and the classic Blue plastic tarps you see everywhere. Also, notice in the back to the right, I have a red blanket covering the door. I used Ceramcoat Moroccan Red, which is my favorite red for blanket rolls and shirts for Civil War figs, just to add a little colorful ‘pop’ to the look of things. Sometimes I’ll put a gray wash over the red and then highlight it if I’m feeling generous, but these are terrain, they are supposed to remain in the background.

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