More shanties

These buildings are more examples of how I painted the Shanty town. One thing I’ll add about a painting project like this is that I prefer to build and paint everything more or less at once, b/c it lends a symmetry to the look of the town when you lay it out for a game. That may sound ridiculous when you’re talking about a town of random shanties, but if all the buildings are painted with the same theme — same paint schemes and colors, and the same washes — then  they look like they belong together and they don’t distract from the figures fighting amongst them. After all, the figures are where we put the majority of our efforts, and we want our terrain to accentuate them, not take our eyes off them.

Let me also put in a “shout out” for the game FALLOUT 3, which is the most visually inspiring resource for post-apocalyptic ideas I’ve ever seen. One of the next projects I hope to tackle is a collapsed freeway overpass. There are some stunners in the game, and they seem like they’d be fairly easy to replicate… we’ll see.

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