Remembering the Alamo

Okay, so putting the Road Warrior aside for now (for finished pictures of games go to and search for Trialbyfiregames) I’m revisiting a period that I’ve enjoyed a lot: the war of Texan Independence, Alamo, etc. I got into this period using plastic HO scale figures b/c they are inexpensive, but look great. I found an article online that suggested that if you prime them in model-quality spray paint (such as Model Master’s Flat Black) they will not lose any detail, but the paint will also not flake off them (both true!). After playing with my army some I found that bayonets would lose paint and I began finishing my figures using Liquitex Matte Varnish (brushed on) to seal the paint. After that the plastic figures are as tough — or tougher — than metal figures.

Anyhow, the new project is to create mounted Texian volunteers (yes, “Texian”, this is how they were referred to back in the day). Also, I am planning to make Mexican Presidial troopers. Both these VERY common troop types are not yet available in plastics, so I’m going to make some of my own. To start with I got Civil War cavalry as the base, and both the new Imex American Infantry and HaT’s Spanish Guerillas for heads. I also got another set of the Texan infantry for heads, but didn’t need them as much. While the Civil War cavalry have mostly shell jackets, I’m hoping that if I paint them in civilian colors, or as vests and shirts, they will still work fine as Texan Militia. As U.S. Army Dragoons (another spoke in the wheel of conversion that I’m planning) they are ideal. The same uniform, except w/o the riding boots. Hopefully when this is done I can do the battle of San Pasqual, which is THE local battlefield out here in San Diego.

The American Infantry cap is perfect on the Imex figures and the heads are easily chopped off with an Xacto. Same for the “top hats” in the HaT set. They came with some badges and plumes on them, but those were easily cut off.

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