Texian Volunteer Cavalry

Here’s the first batch of Texian Volunteer cavalry. You can see that the “top hats” from the Spanish Guerilla set are perfect. Big and distinct, and easy to grip with my jittery-fat-fingers. I used a drop of Super Glue on the body, and I dipped the head into a small puddle of INSTA-SET (which I’ve found at both local hobby shops as well as game stores). Hold the head in place for the count of ‘five’ and it is set. Seems to hold permanently, as I’ve yet to have a transplanted head come off from handling/ gaming. I’ve added some cactus from the Pegasus models terrain set (a great addition for any desert gaming, as the box has every variety of south western desert cactus I’ve ever seen, both large and small). I’ve used this on some of my Mexican infantry stands and it adds a lot of flavor.

You’ll notice I based my cavalry one figure to a stand, mostly for ease of painting, but also for skirmish gaming. It’s easier to group them together as a unit when necessary, particularly b/c cavalry units in this period are pretty small. At five-to-one scale you can put six to ten cavalry figures together and call it a squadron, and that’s a large turn out for any of the battles of this period. Sure, the Mexicans did mass more cavalry as a whole, but they were so spread out as skirmishers and reconnaissance, having a few figures goes a long way. Currently I’m planning to make about ten Texian mounted figures, including a couple of them as leaders, since Sam Houstan famously got shot off a couple horses at San Jacinto (so I know he was mounted at least).

Ideally I would like to represent Juan Seguin and his Tejano cavalry (about 30 men total, or six figures), but I’m not sure what cavalry figures to use as a starting point. They most likely had serapes like Mexican civilians, so that’ll have to wait I guess.

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