Texian Mounted Rifles

Here’s a photo of the painted Texian Mounted Rifles. Actually they are simply mounted infantry, but for the Battle of San Jacinto they were used to represent mounted riflemen.

I did encounter some problems with super-glued heads popping off during painting. So, my earlier claim to rely completely on “Quick Set” isn’t totally perfect. It has worked well in the past, so I suspect that mixing heads from different lines (HaT, Revell, Imex) also caused a mixing of types-of-plastics used to mold their figures. In the past I’ve done like-on-like and they don’t come off. So, to solve this problem I used a small hand drill (from MicroMark — get their catalog, they got great toys in there) and drilled out their necks, then pinned it using a strand from a nylon broom bristle. Glued in place, I drilled out the base of the head and slipped it into place. I still used Quick-Set to act as a gap filler, but I’m pretty sure these guys will never be losing their heads again!

By the way, this was a lot easier than it sounds. I got big shaky hands and still managed to do this on the first try.

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